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Day 1: NZRSE 2023 Day 1
9:30 AM Mihi Whakatau & Welcome
10:00 AM Keynote 1 – Prof. Gill Dobbie (Chair: Nooriyah Poonawala-Lohani)
11:00 AM Break
Session 1 (3 presentations) Chair: Dr Brent Martin, MWLR
11:30 AM-11:50 AM Dr Eryn Kwon – Advancing FAIR with CARE in Medical Imaging Research: A Federated Analysis Approach
11:50AM-12:10 PM Eirian Perkins – Software Design and FAIR Principles: Bridging the Gap
12:10PM-12:30PM Michael Karich and Nathalie Giraudon- DevSecOps on NeSI: A roadmap towards secure research platform
12:30 PM-1:30PM Lunch
1:30 PM Speed Networking
2:00 PM Session 2 (3 presentations, 1 BoF) Chair: Dr Nisha Ghatak, NeSI
2:00PM-2:20PM Matt Plummer – What’s up, docs? Documentation, collaboration and community-building
2:20PM-2:25PM Dr Murray Cadzow – A Nationally Collaborative Approach to Carpentries Training in NZ
2:25 PM-  2 :45PM Dr Olivia Angelin-Bonnet – Mastering Essential Skills: Incorporating Software Development Principles in Statistical Practice
2:45 – 3:00PM Break
3:00PM BoF
3:00PM – 4:00PM Ove Johan Ragnar Gustafsson – BoF:Establishing a AU-NZ bioinformatics software accelerator program
4:00 PM Session 3 (3 presentations) Chair: Dr Murray Cadzow, UofOtago
4:00PM-4:20 PM Dr Brent Martin – Deep learning and real-world problems: balancing opportunity with responsibility and dodging the hype trap
4:20PM-4:40PM Jun Huh -NeSI’s New Research Developer Cloud –
Programmable cloud infrastructure for building research platforms
4:40PM-5:00PM Simon Planzer – Hydra: Streamlining Deep Learning Project Configuration
5:00 PM Day one close

Day 2:

NZRSE 2023 Day 2
9:30 AM Opening of Day 2
9:40 AM Keynote 2: Prof. Bing Xue (Chair: Johanna Bayer, UofMelbourne)
10:40 AM Break
11:00 AM Session 4 (3 presentations) Chair: Dr Eryn Kwon, Matai
11:00AM-11:20 AM Dr Alexander Pletzer – Can workflows be applied to massively parallel optimisation problems?
11:20AM-11:40 AM Dr Arindam Basu – MetaAnalysis.jl: Development and deployment issues of Meta analysis package in Julia
11:40AM-12:00 PM Mark Neal – Modern Science Workflows at DairyNZ: Mooving into a new era
12:00 PM Lunch
  Session 5 (3 presentations) Chair: Dr Charles Hefer, AgResearch
1:00PM-1:20 PM Dr Wolfgang Hayek – Optimising a complex next-generation weather and climate code
1:20PM-1:40 PM Kevan Cote – Repurposing GIS data: Training neural networks to identify land use types
1:40PM-2:00 PM Dr Maxime Rio -Developing an fMRI workflow – lessons learned on integration and reproducibility
2:00 PM-2:30 PM Session 6: RSE community discussion, updates and closing.
2:45PM Conference closing
2:45PM Day 2 ends


This event is endorsed by the Research Software Engineers (RSE) Association of Australia and New Zealand (RSE-AUNZ)


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