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10:00amMihi, Conference Welcome, Housekeeping & Navigation
Presentation session A - Workflows
10.30amFlood resilience Aotearoa: Engaging Aotearoa’s wealth of public geospatial data
10.50amCoupled Climate – Ice – Ocean Modelling: Setting up a framework
11:10amJanis: A Python framework for workflow translation
Presentation session A - Workflows continued
11:40amBuilding efficient workflows for the rapid review of time sensitive research
12:00pmAutomated workflow aids biophysical model development – Couple R targets and APSIMX


Morning Tea Break
Presentation session B - Community and engagement
12:30pmTranslating complex topics: Software containers
12:50pmStatic Tactics: Using static website workshops to develop capability and collaboration
12:57pmCommunicating epidemiological insights using explorable explanations
1:05pmLunch Break
Presentation session C - HPC and Code optimisation part 1
2:00pmCorrfunc: Blazing fast correlation functions on the CPU
2:20pmHow to draw an owl – Transitioning from tutorials to the real world with Dask
3:00pmKeynote - Dr. Karatiana Taiuru
4:15pmBOF : Metrics for measuring the contributions of Research Software Engineers

09.00amHousekeeping. Welcome & Navigation
9:15amBOF : Opportunities and challenges for ML-Ops for NZ Research Institutes
Presentation session D - Tools showcase
10:05amAccelerating data wrangling: A researcher-built dataset assembly tool
10:25amData version control & collaboration for reproducible science with Kart
10:45amAutomating instrument data workflows: Integrating Globus into MyTardis
Presentation session E - HPC and Code optimisation part 2
11:15amUsing Julia in a high-performance computing environment
11:35amAccelerating a physics code with OpenACC
11:55amDistributed computing strategies for training deep networks on a high performance computing server
Keynote - Jannat Maqbool
Presentation session F - research software
2:10pmA national agenda for research software in Australia
2:30pmSupporting FAIR4RS Adoption Guidelines
2:50pmCo-opting academic recognition systems for research software
Presentation session G- Machine Learning (ML) and Machine Learning operations (ML-ops)
3:15pmBuilding an MLOps pipeline for Lumi Drug Scan – A real-time drug screening system

3:35pmExperiences developing an operational workflow for large-scale instance and semantic segmentation of remote sensing imagery using CNNs
3:55pmClosing remarks and Conference Wrap-up


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