Submissions for NZRSE 2024 will open 10 June 2024. 

We welcome submissions for:

  • Lightning talks (5 mins)
  • Presentations (15 mins + 5 mins Q&A)
  • Birds-of-a-Feather (BoFs) (1 hr)
  • Demos (15 mins + 5 mins Q&A)


NZRSE Conference is the prime event where you can network and share ideas with open research and coding enthusiasts from all over Aotearoa New Zealand. Researchers across Crown Research Institutes, universities, and other public sector organizations come together to learn new techniques, connect with colleagues, and share ideas.

Inclusion Statement

In running this event, we are committed to creating a space that is accessible to people of any gender, race, age, religion, sexuality, and disability. If you are considering presenting at this event, please encourage your colleagues to present too, especially if they have a unique perspective that could enrich our community. First time presenters as well as repeat presenters are strongly encouraged to submit. All attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers at our conference are required to agree with the conference code of conduct

Theme: Empowering Communities Through Research Software: From Innovation to Impact

In the digital age, research software has become a pivotal tool for academic and scientific communities, driving innovation and facilitating impactful research across various disciplines. This theme explores how software not only supports modeling, automation, data collection and analysis, but also fosters collaborative environments where knowledge and resources are shared openly and efficiently. This call for submissions welcomes contributions from diverse disciplines and perspectives, encouraging researchers, developers, and practitioners working with research software to share their insights, experiences, and innovative approaches. We seek submissions that delve into the transformative role of research software in empowering academic and scientific communities.

We invite submissions that address a wide range of topics related to research software and responsible research, including but not limited to:

  • Collaborative frameworks and tools in research software
  • Community-driven development models for research software
  • Impact of open source software on community empowerment
  • Enhancing research impact through software solutions
  • Innovative practices in software training and support
  • User-centric design in research software
  • Fostering interdisciplinary collaborations through research software
  • Leveraging research software for community outreach and engagement

Types of Contributions

There are many ways to contribute to NZRSE 2024, including lightning talks, presentations, birds of a feather, and demo sessions. All contributions should align with the NZRSE Theme Empowering Communities Through Research Software: From Innovation to Impact. Further details of each type are outlined below.

Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks are a series of short 5-minute talks. The presentations are meant to “ignite” the audience on a subject, i.e. to  generate awareness and to stimulate thought as well as action on the subject presented.


Presentations should aim to engage the audience, to create interest, seek feedback and  encourage further enquiry. Presentations are approx. 15-minute-long conversation starters,  followed by 5 minutes for further discussion. Therefore, speakers presenting are allocated a total of 20 minutes.

Presentations must reference work currently underway or completed within the last year.

Please note in some cases where 20 mins might not be enough, speakers can request longer slots (i.e. 25 mins to present and 5 mins for Q&A). *Timings subject to change.

Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions are informal sessions on a specific particular topic. Sessions are scheduled in ~1hr blocks, please indicate the length of time required and the topic.

Demonstrations (Demos)

Want to share an innovative technique, tool, or library that research software engineers should know about? Demo sessions will be 15 minutes of ‘show and tell’ followed by 5  minutes for questions. Note: you do not have to be an ‘expert’ to submit a demo session.

Submission Details

Each submission is to be completed on the submission template provided and requests a  Title (up to 15 words) and an Abstract. Please compose these carefully as they are likely to be used in the Conference Programme and on the website.

Evaluation of Proposals

All submissions will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance to the theme and aims of NZRSE 2024
  • Relevance and applicability to the audience (RSE community)

All accepted submissions will receive a confirmation email. We reserve the right to discuss your submission with you as part of the process of assembling the programme and may accept your proposal under a different category.


Presenters MUST be registered to attend the conference!

Key Dates

  • Submissions open
    10 June 2024
  • Registration opens
    10 June 2024
  • Submissions close
    15 July 2024
  • Author notifications 
    9 August 2024
  • Presenter registration deadline
    27 August 2024
  • Registration Close
    13 September 2024
  • Conference dates
    17 – 18 September 2024

For any enquiries, please contact:

Donna Rhyse Dacuno
Event and Conference Planner
Campus Life | Event Services
The University of Auckland


This event is endorsed by the Research Software Engineers (RSE) Association of Australia and New Zealand (RSE-AUNZ) and supported by New Zealand eScience Infrastructure (NeSI).